Joanna Slater

Joanna Slater

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I first started to write notes purely as a reminder of all the things that happened to my mother throughout the first few weeks when she arrived in hospital for a hip operation.

When my mother's story was shown in The Mail on Sunday, I never expected the reaction I received from people all over the UK telling me of their own horrendous stories of loved ones that had suffered in hospital. I then decided to publish them on a blog, as it seemed that The Last Six Months had given people a voice to be heard.

There had to be a reason why I was put in this position to capture the last six months of my mother's life.

Since then, The Last Six Months was published.

I wish that my mother was still here and had never gone into hospital for that fatal hip operation. I wish that I had never had to write The Last Six Months, and I wish that I could turn back the clock, but alas that is not possible.

Sometimes in adversity we find our life's purpose.