Joanna Slater


MyNotes Medical

MyNotes Medical is for everyone who wants to improve their healthcare or to manage the medical care of a loved one or friend. It is for those that want to be “informed, involved and engaged in getting better”.

Patients and carers can use the MyNotes Medical app to make text, video, audio and photo notes that automatically save directly to their personal MyNotes Medical event log, which is secure and visible only to them.

They can then add personal information and details of their treatment and medications, and can easily refer to and share an accurate record of what was said, by whom and when, as their treatment progresses.

This allows them to record, review and research their healthcare issues between visits to the doctor or consultant, and share the consultation/diagnosis with friends and family. Something that is rarely done and yet is crucial for effective treatment and outcomes for all patients whatever their age or condition.

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